Mini-Pony 4 Knot Rope Halter & 8' Lead Rope Set

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Mini-Pony 4 Knot Halter & Lead Rope Set 

Globally sold & proven Mini-Pony Clinician style set.

Enjoy the control, connection and body language enhancement of the globally sold and proven 4 Knotted Miniature Horse Training Halter. 

Designed in 6 sizes to fit A & B class Miniatures and Shetland Ponies, teach suppleness gently without having to introduce the chain too prematurely in training.

Ideal for all levels and types of ground training, trick training, therapy work and liberty methods. 

This halter will help cue, guide and refine your Miniature Horse/Pony to success through all of the Star Point Horsemanship Miniature Horse/Pony Training Programs.

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