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Agrandir Mini-Pony 8' Lead Rope

Mini-Pony 8' Lead Rope

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The Star Point 8' Lead Rope is designed for the Miniature Horse and Pony in mind, featuring an 8 foot long x 3/4" wide yacht lead rope. Guide your Mini or Pony through all of the Star Point groundwork, desensitizing, longe line, liberty drills and performance exercises with ease, never having to switch lead rope for various lengths during training. Enjoy the stitching under the clasp acting as a hand marker to ensure the correct leverage point for your hand position while training. The lead clasp (3" long x 1" wide) is designed to not be too small or oversized for a Mini or Pony, and is appropriate for a safe and effective tying rope, assuring the clasp isn't too heavy under your Mini's chin while traveling or working. Worldwide sold and proven. 

Mini-Pony 8' Lead Rope



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